Property Rental Management Solution.

Properties do not grow—your portfolio does… with good care

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No more when’s, how’s and why’s in your real estate portfolio management. Uncover seamless insights and opportunities.

With one of the most advanced property management system, achieve unmatched proficiency for higher yields. Manage property valuation, insurance, maintenance, utilities, rent and other key metrics with the help of intuitive business intelligence system that assures to stride your portfolio to newer heights.


Features List

To keep your portfolio shine bright

Easy attendance

Property Dashboard

When your ambitions grow, so does the operational responsibilities. Don’t let the added tasks put a crack in your spirits. Handle them with fine swiftness and efficiency from a centralized interface.

Quick attendance

Property Configuration

Good organization skill breeds better result. Get a single-tap configuration from the dashboard, opening to more (and organized) details about properties, insurance, rent, costing, and more.

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Tenancy Overview

Keeping up with the tenancy details has never been this easier. Regardless of the number of properties, just give a single glance over to keep yourself informed all the time.

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Property Maintenance

Your returns are only as good as your properties. So, never miss the dates of regular maintenance. Also, keep an eye on the detailed logs so confusion never creeps. Do all these quickly and easily.

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Detailed Tenancy Report

Be at the top of your game by keeping yourself updated. Access detailed (and well-organized) tenancy report to know about the tenants, the date they entered the property, the expiry date and more.

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Income and Expenditure report

Win your expenditure, you will your income! So, keep up with all the expense (amount, source, expected and more), as well as your current, analyzed and expected incomes.

Key Benefits


Intelligent data—so don’t just look. Understand.


The convenience your business (and life) deserves


Strengthening bonds with investors and third-parties

Quicker deployment

Growing your portfolio in twice the speed

Quicker deployment

Tailored to your needs—because your needs are unique

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